Times have changed. In order to keep up with the contemporary world, we need to take advantages of the modern technologies available. The introduction of Cloud (and its various providers), the rise of DevOps has solved many problems. Utilizing Cloud & DevOps, we at DigiArtisan ensure:

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Ease in Scalability 
  • Technology Agnostic Solutions
  • Real-time Monitoring & Observability 
Cloud & DevOps

What We Offer

Architect Solutions

Create the most viable solutions used in the requirements. Leveraging and integrating the services offered by Cloud Service Providers and other stand-alone tools.

Infrastructure Management

Manage, customize and optimize your infrastructure to what's most suitable for your business.


Responsibility for Cloud Security in Cloud Platforms vary. We help you secure your data, applications and network depending upon shared responsibility for security between cloud provider and customer.

Monitoring & Observability

Administer your system health, metric and logs in real time to actively diagnose and debug infrastructure issues.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Automate processes such as Build, Test, Merge and deploy your applications upon various environments. Helping your organization for quick and stable releases.

Cloud Migrations

More and more organizations are transitioning to Cloud. We help you strategize and plan your migrations. May it be from one cloud provider to another or on-premises to cloud migration.

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